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The Program Guide for Gifted and Talented (December 2007) provides implementation guidelines for public schools.

eCSSS Navigational Guide: We no longer require annual gifted and talented summary reports from schools. Instead, all students who have been identified through proper screening should be entered into eCSSS. The eCSSS Navigational Guide shows how this process can be completed. Now that all schools are receiving a weight for gifted and talented students through Weighted Student Formula, screening procedures and G/T identification should be taking place at every school. Instructions on entering students into eCSSS is found below.

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Tiered Lesson Plans: First Grade | Third Grade | Fifth Grade | Seventh Grade | Eighth Grade

Scamper - SCAMPER is an acronym developed by Alex Osborn and Bob Eberle to stimulate the brainstorming of new ideas and looking at old thoughts in new ways.

Tools for Screening:


Sample Parent Nomination Form

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Program Contact: Dr. Anna Viggiano, Educational Specialist, Gifted and Talented Program, 203-5505, ext 2114

Updated July 2013